The Kuttanad are amongst the most fascinating backwaters of Kerala. The landscapes of Kuttanad are crisscrossed by the waterways that are flanked by the lush green paddy fields along with the cultivation grounds of yam, cassava and banana. The backwaters of Kuttanad are paradise and an ideal destination for enjoying a memorable backwater cruise of Kerala. The best way to explore these enchanting backwaters is by drifting along in a houseboat and enjoy the scenic surroundings of this region. Stretched over an area of 75 KMs from Kochi in the north to Kollam in the south, Kuttanad lies sandwiched between the hills and the sea. The travelers frequent this place, for their passion to traverse the puzzling maze of shimmering waterways, that comprises of rivers, canals, lakes and rivulets flanked on either side with the dense tropical greenery and magnificent rural Kerala lifestyle, that remains completely hidden from the road.

Nearest railway station : Alappuzha
Nearest airport : Cochin International Airport, about 85 KM from Alappuzha