Rang Ghar is a double storeyed structure from the historical treasures of Asom (Assam) and was built by Ahom King, Swargadeo Pramatta Singha in the 18th Century. This 10 meters high, royal, sports pavilion was constructed to watch cultural programmes and traditional games like buffalo and elephant fights, especially organized during Bihu Festival. The entrance of the Rang Ghar has two beautiful stone-carved crocodile structures on either sides, whereas, the roof of the main structure is like a boat, kept upside down. At the center, over the parabolic roof is a trefoil canopy. Beautifully adorned with floral and geometrical designs, the exteriors of the Rang Ghar is worth exploring. Made exclusively of red baked bricks, a special variety of rice and eggs, the building is a fine example of Ahom architecture and treasured entertainment house in Assam. As you walk inside the Rang Ghar, you will find series of arches adorned with unique sculptures. A steep staircase leads to the top from where the royalties and dignitaries used enjoy the special programmes and events. Wide ground known as the Rupohi Pothar surrounds the Rang Ghar where earlier bull fights, wrestling and cock fights were organized. It has now been maintained as manicured field that looks beautiful from the top of Rang Ghar.